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Оракул Дорогоцінних Каменів

Оракул Дорогоцінних Каменів

  • Оригінальна назва: Precious Gems Oracle
  • Склад:
  • Палітурка:
  • Кіл-ть стор.:
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  • ISBN:
  • Наявність: Є в наявності
  • ₴1440.00грн.

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Издательство: Blue Angel
Состав: 40 cards & 100-page guid
ISBN: 978-1-925538-51-9
Размер карт:

От издателя: Welcome to an exquisite, delicate and powerful realm where the magic and wisdom of gemstones come to life. Discover the face of Amethyst, look Emerald in the eye, and delight in the reflective splendour of Moonstone personified. Renowned and beloved artist, Maxine Gadd has fused the wonder of her Imaginarium with the world of gemstones to create an oracle that flawlessly unites practical, earth-based guidance with blessings and higher knowledge. Each card puts a face to a gemstone, so you can relate to its energy on a personal level. The informative and comprehensive guidebook includes: • Physical and healing properties of 40 precious stones • Associations, interesting facts and cultural uses • Unique gem-themed layouts for readings or contemplation • Affirmations to help you attune to the vibration, messages and healing of the gemstones • Inspired verse and divinatory meanings by Leela J. Williams

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