Alana Fairchild «Love Your Inner Goddess Oracle»

1020 грн.
850 грн.

Издательство: Blue Angel
Состав: 44 карты+буклет
ISBN: 978-1-57281-918-4
Размер карт: 80*100 мм

От издателя: This luscious oracle deck has been created to help you tune into your intuition, fire up your creativity and celebrate your sacred feminine spirit. The sacred feminine in you is unconventional, healing, loving and beautiful – and ready to rumble! She doesn’t want to be hidden away. She wants to rise up, so her creative fire and loving wisdom can transform your life. Discover your own sacred feminine spirit – that includes your inner priestess of love, medicine woman, gypsy spirit, mermaid soul, empowered warrior goddess and more. This card set will help awaken your soul talents, as you love, respect and nurture your authentic self. You are supported to discover and express a sense of passionate purpose to live your own unique and beautiful life. It’s time to love your inner goddess, as you live with playfulness and courage, straight from the heart.

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